Monday, April 23, 2012

New Releases - April 23rd

Here's a special edition of my weekly New Releases post. ENJOY!

What new releases have you read lately?

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Friday, April 20, 2012

New Releases - April 20th

**Please Note: This is NOT a new story. It is a selection from the anthology Treat, Kink and Be Scary, which is only available in print.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Short But Not So Sweet

He watched her walk into the building.  The seductive sway of her hips was as hypnotizing as staring at a swinging pendulum.  She seemed completely oblivious to all of the men, and several women, who stopped to stare as she passed.  Her hair was pulled back into a severe bun that showed off the long column of her neck.  Her jacket was fitted and did nothing to hide the full swell of her breasts.  Her snug but not too tight skirt lovingly hugged her feminine curves.  Her feet were incased in a pair of black pumps that made the most of her shapely legs and added to the sensual stride that made her easy to spot from a distance.

He turned away from the window as she disappeared into the building.  He knew he had just a few minutes before she made it upstairs.  The anticipation was thrilling.  That’s what she did to him.  After a long day of working in his home office he strained to catch that first glimpse of her as she walked home.  A creature of habit she rarely arrived late.  He’d always appreciated that about her.  He was a creature of habit as well.

He prepared a cold drink and headed back into the living room to wait.  Using the remote he set the television to a soothing music channel and took a seat making himself comfortable.  When the door opened he smiled the warm sexy smile that was for her alone.  She didn’t’ look up as she tossed her keys on the table and dropped her bag next to it.  She still didn’t look up as she took off her shoes.  It was only when her feet were bare that she looked up and walked slowly in his direction.  With each step she unbuttoned her jacket.  He smiled through a groan but didn’t move.  This was her show.  Her slow strip tease fueled his rapid erection.  He was uncomfortably hard in seconds.

Removing her jacket she revealed a sexy pink bra with a black satin ribbon laced up the center.  She shimmied out of her pencil skirt to reveal a matching pair of boyshorts.  Turning slightly she tossed the skirt and jacket onto the sofa before turning back towards him and slipping her right hand into the front of her panties.

“You’re killing me” he finally moaned out loud.

She used her left hand to knead her breasts as she continued pleasuring herself.  He unsnapped his jeans and gingerly pulled the zipper down to give himself more room.  Damn but watching her was the hottest thing ever.  She always seemed completely comfortable in her own skin.  It was innately sexy.  She also took the time to always look her best.  No sleeping in ratty sweats for his girl.  She had a large selection of nightgowns and teddy’s.  He appreciated her unapologetic femininity.

She suddenly threw her head back and shook from head to toe as an orgasm overtook her.  Her pouty lips were open and her left hand abandoned her breasts to reach out for something solid to hold on to.

“Damn”, he whispered reverently.

She bent and picked up a small white board and marker.  She shakily wrote something on the board while he took a few deep breaths to try and regain some control of his libido.  She walked over to the window and stood next to her fancy telescope.  When she held the board up he adjusted the focus on his own telescope to read her message. 

I needed that.  Your turn.

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