Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest Blogger - Tonya Kinzer

Today I am thrilled to welcome author Tonya Kinzer to my world.  Tonya is the author of the super sexy Boss's Pet series. She’s not only sharing a little of herself but also having a great contest for everyone who leaves comments. 

EDH:         How and when did you get your start writing?

TK:            I started writing years ago when I got bored with the books out there. Some of the plot lines were so sappy that I thought I would try my hand at writing my own. It was years after that when I decided to publish my work for others. I’d received many rejection letters before deciding to self-publish and those sales are growing daily.

EDH:         I’m all too familiar with the dreaded rejection letter. I’m glad you didn’t give up.  Tell me, what do you like most about writing?

TK:            I like being my own boss, writing at my own pace, not having major deadline stress and creating characters and worlds that my readers can’t wait to get back to. I do set my own release goals for my books and sometimes have to adjust those according to my schedule since I also have a business in real time!

EDH:         Okay, what about the flip side of the coin?  What do you like least about writing?

TK:            The discipline it takes to keep your butt in the seat and your fingers out of the internet. There a so many time wasters out there. If we want to get any serious writing done, we have to schedule the online stuff AFTER our daily writing goals have been met. For me, I’m still working on that.

EDH:         Facebook and Twitter are huge distractions for me to, but I love them.  Tell me what a typical day is like for you?

TK:            I grab my morning coffee and head straight to the computer to check email, hits on websites, comments on blogs and on-going interviews. Next I make sure to spend an hour or two on marketing on Twitter, Facebook, commenting on other blogs and sites and working on a newsletter. After that, I try to write some daily. I need to work harder on setting a daily writing goal for Tonya.

EDH:         Do you have a writing mentor?  If so how have they inspired or encouraged you?

TK:            Years ago I belonged to a critique group and learn so much from them. As a newbie back then, they were great about sharing things they’d learned from other writers. I kept notes, copies of how-to articles and pointers. I think the main thing I learned was how to stay in my character’s POV. My original works had to be rewritten to correct that and I can laugh about it now. I was in each character’s head in every paragraph so yes, the rewrite was VERY time consuming. I did end up publishing that work but it’s not a big seller so perhaps I need to rewrite again and republish it, who knows. Another thing I learned was to read my finished work out loud. If you have another who is willing to listen, that would help to. Perhaps read into a recorder and listen back but it will help you hear the flow of your words. If it sounds shorts and choppy and a bit like an instruction manual, you need to work a bit harder on the sentence structure…make them flow together so it’s a smooth read.

EDH:         Head-hopping has been an issue for me as well.  Do you have other professional pursuits?

TK:            I do help my husband run a business that we’ve expanded together and it’s doing quite well. We have several offices and I can manage my part of the business a few days a week, which in turn, allows me to write and market my books.  I write under two pen names in separate genres (romance and erotica) and keep them that way because my children read my other work. Combining the two wouldn’t be appropriate…they have a hard time with some of my tame sex scenes!! Writing as Tonya allows me to be free with my topics, characters and more playful with my sex scenes. So far, I’ve not heard any complaints! *wicked laugh*

EDH:         What types of books do you like to read in your spare time?

TK:            I love historical and time travels as well as contemporary romance. I don’t read many paranormal/sci-fi stories.

EDH:         What was the last good book you read?

TK:            I read Best Lover In Town, authored by two friends of mine, Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle. They’ve just released a new book titled Temptation Triggers, which is an anthology of short stories. Currently I’m reading Hour of the Lion by Cherise Sinclair.

EDH:         I’ll have to check out Best Lover in Town.  Tell me something about you that would surprise your fans.

TK:            Hmmm…..maybe that my friends never know who they’re talking to? Hubby tells others that he never knows who he’s going to bed with because I have several personalities - one being ‘The Boss’s Pet’ - *laughing* I’ll not go there, you have to read the series and make up your own mind!

EDH:         I see one of your personalities is a tease *wink*.  Define sexy? 

TK:            That’s a tough one. Sexy is different to everyone. To me, sexy can be many things. Visually, sexy is a nice pair of eyes that can look into my soul with one glance, a strong pair of biceps and a broad chest or strong thighs.  A man’s hands can be sexy or the way he walks or laughs. Mentally, sexy is a man who is faithful to his wife and does things for her everyday that make up the small things. Hubby and I pour coffee for each other, grab a cookie or two while we’re up or whatever. He doesn’t expect me to wait on him nor him on me, it just works for us the way it is. Does that make sense?

EDH:         It makes perfect sense.  What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done or had someone do for you?

TK:            We’ve been together for several years and hubby is still surprising me with things he does for me. He brings in the coffee pot and my half and half to my desk if I’m working away and he knows I haven’t refilled my cup. I’ve planned getaways for us and dropped rose petals into the Jacuzzi with glasses of champagne by candlelight.

EDH:         Wow, I have to try the rose petals in the Jacuzzi. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

TK:            My series, titled The Boss’s Pet, now has three books to it. The newest, Sharing Among Friends, was released June 22 and is available at Amazon ( ) and a great reader site, All Romance Ebooks ( online store (you must be a member to purchase here). Readers can find me at the following locations:
EDH:         Thanks so much for stopping by Tonya.
TK:           Elle, thank you so much for having me as a guest on your blog! I’m
beginning my book tour for the release of book three, Sharing Among
                 Friends, and appreciate being able to chat with your readers!
CONTEST:  Tonya would like to know what readers find sexy in the opposite sex. Please leave your comment and on Wednesday morning she will pull one lucky winner for a $15 gift card to Amazon or B & N.

Happily writing,


  1. *hanging a few balloons from the ceiling before any guests arrive, the rum punch is ready and iced*

    Hi everyone! Come on in and join us for the next two days. I love a party and any reason to have one. Thank you all for stopping by. I know there will be some who don't leave messages but WILL read the interview. I hope you all enjoy visiting my sites. If you have any questions or comments, I'll be around. Thanks for taking a peek!

  2. Hi Tonya and Elle,
    Great interview - interesting questions. Steve and I had the pleasure of critiquing "Sharing Among Friends" for Tonya. It's hot! Let's just say Steve appreciated the read with me and what transpired during a couple of breaks we took! LOL Elle, you probably know this already, but Tonya is a wonderful person. She took us under her wing, helped us this last year with our writing and continues to encourage us everyday. I wish for all new authors to find a seasoned author who will take an interest and push them along to strengthen their skills in writing.
    Don't add me to the contest - but what I find sexy is a man who cooks with me in the kitchen, sleeps with our bodies entwined through the night and can't keep his hands off me. I found him! Steve and I are a writing team - providing our erotic stories with both male and female perspective. The research is fun! (wink)

  3. Hey ladies!

    Tonya I look forward to reading your work! (Who has never fantasied about someone in power?!) Hmmm what do I find sexy in a man, personality is so cliche but it is what gets me to stay but a nice set of teeth perfectly placed inside of a handsome frame draws me in! Have a blessed week ladies! =)

  4. Great interview ladies!

    I'm going to sound mental, but what I find sexy in a man are his forearms, around two seconds after a conversation that goes something like this: "They said what to you? Wait here, I'll be right back."

  5. I've never been part of a critique group- Normally I'm shy. But I have to say it would be interesting to have unbiased people reading my works before I submit- great interview
    Dawne P

  6. I find a sense of humor to be very sexy. I also find it sexy when my man touches me - his hand on the small of my back, a quick hug, or a caress of my shoulder (even the pat on the butt if we aren't in public!!). I find it sexy when he holds my hand in public.

  7. LOVED the interview. Can't wait to read your books!

    The thing I find sexiest about a man is his smile. A great, confident smile and a wicked sense of humor will get me every time!

  8. So glad you all stopped by. Good luck in the drawing.

  9. Thank you all for stopping in to share what you find so sexy about men! Billy, you aren't mental - I thought maybe I was alone in thinking forearms were sexy but when they're holding the paper or something...uuummm, yeah, the twist of those muscles tug at my insides! LOL

    Stop by my website, I've updated a few things and continue to check my calendar to see where I might be next or for a new author on my blog site! Thanks again! Love you all! Muah!

  10. Sorry I missed the contest, but happy I read this interview. I found myself nodding several times because I get what Tonya means. Sexy certainly is what my hubby does on a daily basis. (one of the head nods was the mention of refilling her coffee cup while she's working.) My hubby does that. He also supports my writing and everything else I do. He's the inspiration really. Sexy is consideration, doing things just because, a smile, support, and oh yeah, when he is changing clothes and doesn't realize I'm watching--soo sexy.