Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Presenting Wynter's Blossom

When I started the journey to becoming a published author just over two years ago I had no clue what lay ahead.  I just had big dreams of sharing the stories in my head with other book lovers.  Along the way I’ve met some great people, learned to deal with rejection and survived the grueling editing process. 
There were quite a few can’t see the forest for the trees days when I couldn’t really envision celebrating the release of my debut novel, Wynter's Blossom.  Thankfully there were also a bunch of friends who had been there and done that.  They kept me encouraged and motivated.  Now at long last it’s my honor and my privilege to introduce everyone to my wolves and the mates that make them howl. 

Click HERE to read a hot excerpt.

Happily writing,
Chief Erotic Officer


  1. YEAH!!!! ELLE you have no idea how proud we are of you!

  2. This book is the HOTNESS! I have dibsed everyone and I will fight them all for those yummies. Believe!

  3. Thanks Nevea!
    Billy, I'm just giving up and getting out of the way. But I'm dibsing the male in book two. HINT: You've already met his mate but you haven't met him. ^_^