Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trouble Maker Tuesday – May 3rd, 2011

This week I’m bringing you two more hot books from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.  First there is the sizzling new release from Violette Dubrinsky, Bound: Dark God Saga. Then there is the latest from Billy London, a sassy short entitled An Old Cake Tale.

What happens when you take a dark god, a succubus, and a classic tale of mistaken identity?

Previously known as the “nicest” of the dark gods, Hypnos, the God of Sleep and Dreams, can no longer claim that title. An encounter with Marissa, a succubus who managed to bind him and use him as her food source, nearly killing him in the process, has left him with one sole purpose: to find, torture and kill. So when he finally locates her, he’s planning to put his plan into motion with relish.

Katrina Black is a succubus living as a human. A past incident has made her horrified of her own nature. So imagine her surprise when she’s snatched from her home and taken to Tartarus to be punished for something she did not do. The solution is easy. She just has to tell the man—god—that he has the wrong girl.

Katrina finds out it isn’t easy to rationalize with a single minded god hell-bent on revenge. . Especially one who looks like perfection reincarnated. And after experiencing some of his ‘torture’, finds herself questioning if she really wants to

Efia Amoah was going to end up in prison for murder if she spent any more time in the company of Rhys Lloyd, but with him being the best man at her best friend's wedding, she couldn't avoid him for love nor money nor cake. She just wanted to get through the day without giving in to the temptation to stab him for the sake of giving her friend the perfect wedding. Being a bridesmaid only made her notice exactly what was missing from her own life, so she hoped if she followed the tradition of placing a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, Mr. Right would come knocking. However, the Mr. who does come knocking turns out to be the Mr. she’d thought would never dare to touch her door on pain of death.

Rhys quite liked living on the edge. Despite Efia's sharp tongue and cutting glances, he saw a future with her. He didn't even mind the prospect of sleeping with one eye open for the rest of his life in case Efia did try to stab him in his sleep. With her friend's blessing and further threats to his life hanging over his head, Rhys was all in for the challenge of proving that a wedding night is not just for the couple who exchanged the vows...
Go ahead and order your copies of these two great reads today. But wait!! Before you leave, what's your favorite mythical story?

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  1. My favourite is Persephone and Hades. She's the girl who makes the God of the Underworld fall for her. Maybe I'm a bit dark. Plus she does the dutiful daughter thing and splits her time with her mother just to be good.

  2. Good one Billy. Hades and P. are a great story, especially with P's mama having none of it. Mine are Hephaestus and Aphrodite...at least, as I imagine it. :p