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Man-Candy Monday - Jamie Ungaro

When I started this feature it was my intent to show that the models we all drool over are just regular guys with multi-faceted personalities and interests beyond the bright lights of cover photo shoots.  This week’s guest, former Mr. Romance Jamie Ungaro, is another perfect example of that.  First of all, sorry ladies but he’s happily married to his very own Cinderella.  Secondly, he’s a man who embraces his faith and isn’t afraid to share it with others.  Veteran model CJ Hollenbach says of Jamie, “I picked him to win the Mr. Romance contest in Columbus (OH). He is a genuinely good guy, very spiritual.  Gotta love the dimples too!”  Today, let’s look beyond the dimples and fabulous physique and learn a little about Jamie Ungara together.

EDH:. How did you get your start in modeling?

      Jamie: After high school with my football career going nowhere a lot of people kept urging me to get into modeling and acting.  They kept on telling me you have what it takes, so after thinking about it for a while I went to an agency in Columbus, Ohio around 2004; just a year out of high school and jumped in and began my journey to become a model and actor.  I just really want to be an actor on the big screen one day.  Modeling is restricted for me, because of being into power lifting and bodybuilding.

EDH:  What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least?

      Jamie: What I like the most is getting to know how different poses with the right angle of light make some really awesome pictures, or sometimes they don’t.  LOL!  What I like the least would be just taking a thousand shots to get a couple good shots. But I really like it all around, because it is a lot of fun with different locations or themes you have to act out.

EDH:  What notable modeling gigs have you done in the last year or two?

      Jamie: I did an ad for a dance club with other models.  I also did a book trailer for Circle of Seven Productions.  It was my first time acting on screen.  The book is call “An Eye for Glory” and out in stores now; it was done for the company Zondervan and I was really excited with that job!  It took place in the beautiful country side of Kentucky. Here is the link to the video (I’m the guy in blue that shoots the rebel soldier and then has mercy on him). Link:

EDH:  What do you like to read in your spare time?

      Jamie:  I try to read and study the Holy Bible a lot. I don’t read many other books, but I do read Muscle & Fitness magazines to stay on top of fitness trends and I’ll pick up a newspaper wherever I’m at to keep updated on what is going on.  When I’m not reading I’m in the weight room most of my time because strength training is a passion for me.  In the winter I try to get out and do some snowboarding and the summer I like to hike, water ski, camping, and just stay active.  Last, but not least, in my spare time I jam on my acoustic guitar which brings me such peace to my soul.  I still need to sharpen my skills before I go playing in front of people. LOL!

EDH:  What are some of your other favorite fitness routines/activities?

      Jamie:  I’m into power lifting and I enjoy the challenge it is for yourself to push your body to its limits.  My routine consists of three core lifts.  The bench press, dead lift, and squat.  I bench on Mon. and almost max out every time to gain strength and size and I do the same for the dead lift on Wed. and squat on Fri.  At 6’2’’ and 225 lbs. I have a max of 1,305 lbs. total.  That’s bench 350 lbs., dead lift 505 lbs. and squat 450 lbs.  I need to step it up if I want to compete.  I plan to really invest in all the power lifting gear and really start to move some serious weight and enter some contests.  What can I say it’s a rush and an ego trip!  LOL!

EDH:  Tell me what a typical day in the life of Jamie Ungaro is like?

       Jamie:  I’m a very positive and motivated person.  I try to do things for others when I have the chance.  If I see anyone that might be having a bad day I try to give them words of encouragement because many times people get too caught up in the fast pace of their life to even slow down to spread help and kind words filled with love that might make the whole difference in that persons day, or life.  The world would be a different and better place if everyone had that type of a loving heart and compassion for others who may be less fortunate.

EDH:  What are some of your other professional pursuits?

      Jamie:  Other than just supporting and maintaining my family I really want to be an actor.  After doing the book trailer for Zondervan, I was hooked!  I really enjoy becoming a different character.  I like myself but, it’s just thrilling to get out of your comfort zone and totally bring this different character to life.  All I need now is a good agent to start my career, and I hope to be able to just act full time in the future.

EDH:  Do you have a favorite charity or cause that you are passionate about?

      Jamie:  I don’t really follow up on charities, but I would support any that supported the less fortunate families that may be starving and I’m passionate about bringing people strength, whether it be physical in the gym or spiritual. I’m very passionate about bringing words of life to people that I see who need healing to their soul.

EDH:  Define sexy or tell us what you looked for when searching for a significant other?

      Jamie:  It’s all in ones attitude to see if they are sexy, or not.  There was a time I thought I knew what I wanted and what was best for me which kept on ending in heart breaking relationships because the outer surface is temporal; at any giving time it life it can change and will change with age.  The heart is what you want to get to know in a person, because what comes out is really who that person is.  The best thing I ever did and best advice I can give to others is to just give your life to the Lord and let Him direct your path, because honestly we think we know what is best for us but we really don’t, but the Lord does.  I did just that and God brought me a beautiful woman; inside and out, and our hearts couldn’t have been more equally match if I tried to (because he’s the only one that can see our heart).  The connection and love in our marriage is amazing!  She is my best friend.

EDH:  What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for your wife?

      Jamie:   This was the selling point for my wife, so I guess it was the most romantic thing, or what she likes to call “a smooth move”.  I was leaving for work one morning, walking towards the front door, and before I left I turned around to give my wife a kiss (at the time she was my girlfriend).  I saw that she had a cupcake in her hand.  I went to kiss her and as she closed her eyes I licked the chocolate icing off and held it on my tongue while I kissed her.  It was a very delicious kiss!  Let’s just say that she was pulling me back in the door and didn’t want me to go to work that day. LOL!

EDH:  Tell me some of your favorite things about your wife.

      Jamie:  My favorite dish is my wife’s corn beef and hash.  It’s a southern thing I guess, because she is from AL and I wasn’t familiar with it until she made it.  It’s awesome!  I’m not much of a drinker these days, but when I do indulge I enjoy to have a good semi-sweet red wine with my wife and stay in, wink, wink!  LOL!

EDH:  Freestyle time! Tell me whatever you want the readers to know about you, your life, your work and your future plans.

      Jamie:  I might be repeating some things I already said , but I’m a very self motivated person that is very passionate about doing good for others before myself and helping people that may be down and depressed.  I’m no therapist, but I’ve helped a few of my friends and talked some of them out of suicide.  I have bad moments to, but I have a helping hand to fill my spirit back up with joy and strength, so I try to gives advice and encouragement with the spirit which dwells in me and speak with the words of life to hopefully bring light and joy to their soul and spirit.  That’s what brings me the greatest blessings of joy and strength so I can stand and be a leader for others.  Just spreading the love that was shown to me and opened my eyes, or you could say that the veil was pulled from my face only to reveal the truth in my sinful life and the truth around me in this world.  I think you know where I’m going with this, and I’m not preaching, just spreading the love and Jesus IS love.

EDH:  Thank you so much for being my guest today and for sharing so much of yourself.

      Jamie:  Thanks for the interview Elle.  God bless you all!

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