Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Cover - Wynter's Blossom

Presenting the cover for my upcoming release Wynter's Blossom...

I received it the other day and WOW! What a thrilling experience. Veteran authors have since told me there's nothing like getting that first cover. They all agree that you never forget it or how it made you feel.  Well I hope that I never lose this feeling. I want to embrace this giddiness and ride it until I close my eyes a final time. 

What's your fondest reading/writing memory?

Happily writing,


  1. Meeting the man who would become my husband at a science fiction writers convention eighteen years ago. :)

  2. I didn't know this was your first release. It is the most amazing feeling along with getting that first acceptance.

    Love the cover.


  3. This may not be the fondest memory but it was an eye opener- reading my first sex scene in VC Andrews "Flowers of the Attic" when I was a freshman in HS. WOW...forget the fact it was incest...but the words crafted by Andrews were sensual, uninhibited and had me begging for more-
    Dawne P

  4. Awesome cover, Elle xx It is quite a feeling, eh? One of the many joys of being an author is to see a visual interpretation of your story, in my opinion. So very cool.
    My fondest memory is when I got a surprise delivery...publisher had not let on it was on its way...and when I opened the box and saw MY book in print with its shiny cover...WOW! Now that is an awesome author moment :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COVER!!!(done gushing) My fondest writing memory is definitely being able to see my first completed story be published :)

  6. Gorgeous cover! The first is the best - I got so excited I put mine on a cake and partied with it for about three days!!

  7. Glad you like it Elle! I can't wait for the other books in the series...and DIBS.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful comments so far. A cake sound like a great idea Janet.

  9. Cake is ALWAYS a good idea! Love the cover Elle! I have to agree with Nikki, so far the best part has been seeing my story published

  10. Now, that's an attention grabber! I agree with JoAnne. Actually holding your book in your hand is the best; or at least I thought so until I sold the screen option, then holding the check in my hand was the best.

    Good luck with the book!
    Judith Marshall

  11. Love the cover, Elle! I suggest printing it and hanging it next to your desk. :)

    As far as my most memorable experience...
    I entered a national writing contest (the prize being a publishing contract) AND I WON! I danced around like a maniac. Yeah, Stellar Surprise was my first published book and still sells well even though it is a seasonal subject. (Its called a "Christmas temptation")
    I gotta tell ya, that cover was also a thrill for me, and Elle, let me tell ya, now that I just received my second cover, it is just as thrilling. Yep, my third cover will arrive soon and I am certain it will rock as well. The feeling never goes away.
    Congrats on your first, and I wish you many more.

  12. LOVELY cover!

    getting my first cover was a huge thrill, but i think that, when i realized people were actually BUYING the book... yeah. that was even better than the cover. :D

  13. great cover elle! Fondest writing memory was actually finishing True Colors, my first ever story. Didn't think it was going to happen so when i wrote "--the end--" I had a drink. :)


  14. Hot hot cover... *fanning* I can't wait for it Elle.

  15. Congrates on book. Writing best moment ..When publisher said yes, we want your book.