Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Frustration!

Facebook is the top social networking site right now, but it isn't without problems. I love connecting with other authors and readers so the instant contact Facebook allows is wonderful. Unfortunately, it also has its glitches.

Recently I was suspended twice for making too many friend requests. Well excuse me for having too many darn friends and associates. There are restrictions in place to counter spamming. I get that, heck I applaud it. But I'm NOT a spammer. My requests are all legit. I'm connecting with other writers, book clubs and individual reading enthusiasts. Some of them were actually suggested by FB and others I'm already friends with on my personal site!

The first suspension was for two days. The second one was for four days. So now I'm strongly considering not sending any more friend request and just accepting request that come to me.

If you've dealt with this problem in the past leave a comment. I'd love to hear other stories so I don't feel like the village idiot. In the meantime, I'm off to add friends on MySpace.

Chief Erotic Officer

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