Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Troublemaker Tuesday - Double Trouble!!

There’s double the trouble happening at Beautiful Trouble Publishing this week. Not one, but two steamy reads that will leave you breathless and wanting more.
First up, Janet Eckford’s latest release, Time For You and Time For Me. The story of Leland Jacobs and Morgaine Emrys, two individuals traveling on different paths until those paths intersect. Will they continue hand-in-hand…or will they decide that their journeys are best taken alone? Oh, did I mention they’re werewolves?

Next up, Nocturne by R.W. Shannon. Nocturne follows Nella Jackson’s rise from a sheltered Harlem girl to Master Vampire of her father’s New York-New Jersey territory. Along the way, she must deal with adversaries including a powerful member of the Vampire Council who tries to kidnap her, and even her own mother, who is hell-bent on preventing Nella from becoming a vampire. Helping her navigate this sea of turmoil is her father’s protégé Lazarus Cole.
These two hot reads beg the question...Team Vampire or Team Werewolf--which are you?
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  1. Team both...we're all about the hotness and the badazzedness...and if it is were or vamp (or any other paranormal creature) it's all good with us. Grin.