Monday, April 4, 2011

Man-Candy Mondays - Nigel Barker

 He's the sexy photographer from America's Next Top Model who made millions of women, yours truly included, long to stand before his zoom lens. But Nigel Barker is definitely more than just a pretty face (although the face is truly divine). He's a devoted husband (lucky lady) and father as well as a published author.

With over twenty years in the business Mr. Barker has set himself apart by having a discerning eye and an easy manner. He has after all been there and done that. His career began when he was still just a teen and his mother, a former Ms. Sri Lanka, entered him in a modeling competition. Spending ten years as a model surely helped to hone his talent for connecting with his subjects just as traveling to exotic locales and fashion meccas helped him to appreciate the beauty to be found all around if one would but look.

Barker in his modeling days
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