Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Troublemaker Tuesdays - A Special Occasion by Thirteen

Beautiful Trouble Publishing has released a new story entitled A Special Occasion from award winning author Thirteen. A Special Occasion is a contemporary m/f/m ménage that deals with a married couple who decide to invite a third person into their bedroom. Check out the description below or go to the books page on the Beautiful Trouble website to read a very steamy excerpt.

Regina Marshall had it all, a devoted and passionate husband, a luxurious home, a life that was the envy of her friends. Yet there was one small part of her that remained unsatisfied, a modest sexual fantasy she'd dreamed of having fulfilled. When she shyly revealed this to her husband, he decided she had to have it.

Clayton Marshall was fiercely in love with his wife and determined to give her anything she might desire. Fortunately, her secret sexual fantasy dovetailed with his own carnal desires. Trouble was, he wasn’t sure whose wish he was fulfilling when he hired another man to give Regina a night of pleasure while he watched. One thing was certain, the young man who entered their lives that evening was going to change everything. And, as they were soon to learn, be changed by them in turn.*

Thirteen is the author of over twenty stories and has won four awards since beginning her professional writing career just five short years ago. She is definitely a troublemaker to watch and will be releasing several more titles in the coming months.

*story description courtesy of Beautiful Trouble Publishing


  1. Congratualtions, Thirteen!

    Elle, this is such a good idea. Nice Blog! Wishing you much success!

  2. This book is really special for us because it just blew us away with the twist. A romantic menage heavy on the romance, and characters you simply fall in love with.

    We hope readers give this book a look...and then another...and another.

    Thank you Elle for blogging about it.

  3. I tried but could not read it, menage take away from the romance aspect for me. They say they love each other so much, but had no problem with bringing another, of sharing themselves with another and had no problems with that and if they could do that, they could certainly sleep around on each other.

    It always amazes me when an author tries to tell us or make us believe how much in love a couple is then shows how much it is just about lust and sex by bringing another in.

    Then I suppose that's the point of this, it's not about true love or romance, just fantasy and lust, I don't see a relationship like this lasting, in sharing something that's suppose to mean so much to you, that you think of as your own, along the way, you loose your very soul.

    Sorry about the review, but I don't tag this as romance. There is no love here, just sex and lust.