Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Troublemaker Tuesdays - @ Last by Billy London

Billy London's novel @Last is currently featured on Beautiful Trouble Publishing's website. She says the inspiration for @Last came from personal experience - "you know when you first started thinking 'hey emails aren't just for spreadsheets and meetings. You can flirt! With people all over the world! And they could be hotter than Mercury!' So @Last was born from a cheeky and rather sweet email I was sent."

The initial response has been so good that Billy is already considering a spin-off for two of the minor characters who seem to have made quite an impression on readers. Check out the story description below or go to the books online page here.
Courtney and Ryan  Courtney Phillips has always been the standby girl for Christopher Wilkinson, who thinks he's God's gift to women. He isn't. He's a tosser. Just think of one of those guys who sows his wild oats all over the damn shop, then comes home and marries a “good girl.” Courtney's supposed to be the “good girl.”

Imagining Chris has gone to South Africa to teach English to underprivileged kids to do something good for the world, Courtney is shocked to get an email from one of the teachers, Ryan Klark, who is sharing living quarters with Chris. They start a relationship via email which grows into something unexpected and romantic, then rather dirty. The story follows their emails, telephone conversations, their first meeting and how they fall in love. But things get complicated when Chris gets back, and the few details Ryan kept out of conversations are revealed—and threaten to ruin everything.

For a double treat, pick up Billy's first release Windows also from Beautiful Trouble Publishing. Now I have a question. No, scratch that. Let's play Truth or Dare instead. Have you ever had an online fling? If not, I dare you to try a little online flirting (or suggestive text messages).

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picture and blurb credit: Beautiful Trouble Publishing


  1. Er... all the above and a little bit more! Hence, the book. Yeah, I'm going to go and hide now! Thanks for this Elle - it looks so pretty on your gorgeous blog!

  2. i'm going to go find a chef and strut up to him/her all slow and seductive like and purr at him/her before telling them how big their spatula is and asking if it's just for show or if they know how to use it. Grin.

    BTW love Billy's books...and all the men i have dibs on.